Mohican 100 Mile Trail Run

Super pumped to see some regulars out there this year – on the field, in the aid stations and of course at the finish line.

Regardless, for all of you that had prepared for the race, attempted it, you are all champions. Summary: here is a timeline of our day, i hope you enjoy it…

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2017 Mohican 100 Mtn Bike Race Gallery

Some highlight images from the race – congratulations to everyone that came my hometown for the event! For more info, checkout Photoglyphix on Facebook or Instagram as i photograph my interests. Once again, it was great to see some new friends once again.
Also, I rarely do this, but if you would like a nice Kodak print in lustre finish, you can start by looking here. I had some inquiries and i will be adding to this gallery over the weekend.

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2017 Mohican 100 Mtn Bike Race

Another race in the books – sorting now through the photography from the race on June 3, 2017 – more to come ASAP.


Photos and ideas of my interests…