2018 Mohican 100 MTN Bike Race

As always i had the best seat in the house and over the years i see more and more people spectating supporting their friends and family along the trail. Mega kudos to our local Ohio crew (Knobby Side Down, Trailer Park Racing, Shred Mob, etc) as it has been a lot of fun watching you all develop and get faster.

So, this is an HTML old school gallery… not very mobile friendly but people loved it as they can snag photos they like. 

OMBC Spring 2018

Mohican 100 Mile Run 2017

Normal folks doing incredible things…

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Mohican 100 2017 Reprise

Shot form last year – i will miss Thom this year and the kidney stone i would acquire from his coffee consumption..

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Quick Reset – some highlights….

Photos and ideas of my interests…